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freya_rayn ([personal profile] freya_rayn) wrote2011-08-30 08:22 pm

Freya's Arrival

Freya was born 3 March 2006.

On 26 March, we started looking for a puppy after we lost [ profile] foxy_mae. On the 27th, we heard back from two breeders. Our specs for a puppy were: female, red and white, with a tail. Even though docking has been banned, some breeders were "banding".

The first breeder we talked to had a nine week old red and white female ready to go, but...she didn't have a tail. :(

The second breeder we talked to had a litter born three weeks earlier...and he had one girl. I think we pretty much decided then and there that we were going to take her.

She came home in early May and our house hasn't been quiet since. *LOL*

She's a complete nutter, but she's also completely adorable and sweet. And she gives the best cuddles ever!

Now that you have a bit of background on how Freya came to into our lives, it's picture time!

(posted by Kris, El may post as well at some point. :) )